“Individual skill development is the key that unlocks a player’s true potential”


At the end of the shot clock, the ball will usually find its way into the hands of the most
highly-skilled player…As a coach you now have the ability to create a pathway for every
player on your team to become highly-skilled!


Basketball Skills Instructor Training Program (BSI) is a training system that fills one of the largest gaps in basketball coaching development. Teaching technical skills is often replaced with teaching tactical skills due to the overemphasis on winning. Many coaches are unaware or unsure how to teach the finite details of player development and may not know where to go or who to contact.


Having a course specifically geared to educating coaches on how to train individualized skills is a novel approach but will complement other coaching programs provided by national, state or provincial basketball organizations. If we can produce more basketball coaches that understand how to teach skills and correct flaws, we can guarantee the production of more highly skilled players in a sport that has no shortage of new players.


BSI is a comprehensive approach to skill development that has been developed and refined over the last 7 years and is now ready for the local and international basketball community. We are excited to share our philosophy and unique understanding of skill development to raise the level of coaching across the globe.


BSI Course (1 day)

  • In class seminar
  • On-court instruction
  • 1 year membership to BSI
  • Full access to online BSI Reference Manual
  • Full access to online BSI training clips and updates
  • Free ongoing consultation

BSI Coaches Clinic (1/2 day)

  • Power Point BSI reference manual
  • Video presentation
  • On-court instruction

BSI Players Camp (2-5 days)

  • 30 player (max) basketball camp
  • On-court instruction with BSI instructors
  • 1 on 1 player consultations
Next Course
Date: Sunday October 19th  Time: 8:30am  Place: Capital Courts Training Center,  1671 Vimont Court,  Orleans ON,  K4A 3M3,


Merrick is the developer behind the BSI training program culminating his years of personal skills training and research in the field of technical skill development. Merrick has been the technical director for the Gloucester-Cumberland Basketball Association since 2007 and held the same title for the Ottawa SkyHawks professional franchise in its inaugural season. His innovative approach to skill development has propelled his training facility to the forefront of skill training in Canada.
Merrick is a former standout at St. Francis Xavier University winning a national championship in 1993 as a rookie and multiple all-star awards in 1995 and 1996. He then signed a professional contract in South Africa where he won a Premier Basketball League Championship in 1997 and several all-star awards while averaging over 30 points per game. Merrick still holds the single game scoring record of 56 points scored against the Pretoria Bulls. In 1999, he returned home to start a family and pursue his goal of strategically changing the culture of Canadian basketball.
Merrick innocently began coaching his son’s House League Novice team and parents quickly noticed his ability to teach skills and get immediate results. He was pushed by local parents to do something where kids of opposing teams could benefit as well. He started his basketball schools and camp in 2007 which saw enrollment quadruple in three years leading to the opening of Capital Courts Training Center in 2010. Merrick’s passion for skills training is only overshadowed by his love for people and his gift of understanding how to transfer knowledge to players of all ages.


BSI can be customized to accommodate your organization’s needs. Let us build a sustainable and transferable curriculum that can be followed by new and experienced coaches alike. The success of your organization should not rest in the hands of a few star players or a couple of good coaches! Developing a team of technically sound coaches is the ONLY way to achieve perennial success.




Thank you for creating the BSI program! The session last Sunday was great! I have really enjoyed it. It fills the gap in the NCCP program that gives what's but not how's. It also gives the most up to date teaching methods for technical skills … something that simply cannot be found out there in one spot: collected, systemized, and explained.
Brockville Blazers had 12 coaches go through the BSI training with Merrick Palmer. We had a mix of new coaches and experienced coaches. Many of us have gone to other clinics before but generally it is more about X and O's and less about individual player development. BSI is focused on only player development which is exactly what we all needed. We had all played basketball before and tend to coach the way we were coached. Merrick helped us understand the learning process and what specific individual skills were most important. Most importantly he focused on how teach these skills and we can go back online and see the drills to refresh us any time we want. Merrick also was able to answer all the different questions that we had both from new coaches to 30 year veteran coaches. All the coaches found this clinic to be very beneficial to their development. I believe the BSI clinic has helped jump start our organization in a new direction of player development. 
As a coach with 14 years experience in NCAA Division 1, CIS, CCAA, and OBA. I finally have the missing piece to the player development puzzle. How to make my players better than I could ever imagine. I am always searching for professional development opportunities as a life time learner in this beautiful game of basketball. Finally, Merrick Palmer and BSI have passed on the core elements to coaches like myself so we too can evolve with the game.


How much does it cost to take package 1?
The  cost for a coach to take the full–day course is $285 CAD for the 2014-1015 season. Group rates available!
Why aren't the prices listed directly near the packages?
Most basketball organizations have different needs. Clients have the freedom to build their own package to suit their needs. We encourage clients to contact us for a quote so we can better understand what services you require.
What makes BSI different from the NCCP courses?
The NCCP courses are mandatory and must be completed to coach provincially sanctioned games. BSI is a CEC (continuing educational course) for coaches and trainers looking to enhance their ability to teach technical skills and correct flaws. NCCP and BSI are not affiliated programs.
My organization won’t pay for me to take the BSI course; can I still attend and pay out of pocket?
Yes. The course is open to anyone looking to enhance their coaching or training skills. There are no pre-tasks or prerequisites.
How is the course set up? Are there special topics that are covered that other courses don’t?
What makes BSI unique is our ability to show coaches how to transfer knowledge and specifically how players learn the skills within the skill. Modules 1 and 10 are conducted in class; 2-8 are conducted on the floor through live demos and supplementary videos. Below are the BSI modules:

Module 1: Learning Domains
Module 2: Ball Handling (The Gateway Skill)
Module 3: Shooting
Module 4: Creating Space
Module 5: Creativity
Module 6: Finishing
Module 7: Post Moves
Module 8: Passing
Module 9: Warm-up
Module 10: Program Design Tips

What does BSI stand for?
BSI stands for Basketball Skills Instructor. All basketball coaches are inherently instructors but we are primarily targeting the individual player development aspect of instruction.
Can you come to us or do we have to come to Ottawa, Canada to take the course?
BSI is a local, provincial, national and international initiative. We are able to run the course and camp anywhere in the world.
Will I get a certificate of some kind after completing the course?
Yes. A certificate of completion will be awarded for the full BSI course along with a 1 year member’s access code for the online manual and videos.
Is there a minimum of coaches required for you to come to our organization and run BSI?
Ideally we would like at least five coaches for private sessions.
Can I bring my audio or video recording device to tape the clinic?
No. Reproducing any portion of the BSI course without the consent of the author is strictly prohibited.
Are there BSI refresher courses and how much will it cost?
Yes. Refreshers will be 1⁄2 day clinics. The costs for the refreshers have yet to be determined.
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